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Ambassadors: Services
If you assist us
Then we will assist you
Earn Commission by helping us Fundraise and let us change Peoples Lives

- Including Yours -
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Vibrality is a Motivational and Life Improvement System
We are launching our
Products and Services Globally.
To teach people how they can improve their lives for the better.
Our Product Suite we are building includes...
A Published Book, A Mobile App
and Online Courses
But we need funding to do this!

We are asking you to help Fundraise for this project and we are offering you

25% Commission on whatever

you raise for us.

We would like each ambassador to raise between 

US$ 1 000 & US$ 10 000

for us.

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You will earn Commission

on what you raise for us!

You will become part of our

Ambassador Team.

This will enable you to all our FUTURE products &  services for FREE.


Pre-launch material - and so much more!  

We will help you change your future life for the better, by assisting you with the tools and information necessary to help you manifest your wants.

Watch this Video

It will give you a better understanding of Vibrality and what we want to launch. 


It is also the Video that you will need to show the people who would be potential contributors if you become a fundraiser

and ambassador for us.

Ambassadors: Welcome
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If you are interested in helping us raise funds for this, then please complete the
short form below

We will then email you a complete Crowdfunding Fundraiser Pack as well as an overview of what to tell potential contributors. 

We will also email you the Commission Structure,

and explain how it will be paid.

Please complete the form below

Before you Submit this form......We need you to create an Ambassador Code

This is the code required in order for us to link you, to to a contributor, so that we are able to pay you commission earned.  

You can choose any "Code" but it will need to be unique. It can be anything you like, BUT you will be giving this code out to potential contributors so try keep it simple and easy to remember. 


Please use Letters and Numbers


John7623,    Mary9712,   David9175,   Carlos4587    Happy3578    Life8712   -

Please create your own unique code and enter it below

Ambassadors: Job Application
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