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Get ready to Change your Life NOW!

We are so excited to share this information with you.


Its time to Create
a Reality that you want for yourself.

Before you scroll down, please make sure that you have read our Philosophy Page. Without this understanding, it will make little sense to you.

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For any positive change in your life circumstances, you gotta change your Vibrality

We will be showing you some of the ways in which you can change your Vibrality Energy below.......

Our Philosophy is quite simple!

You can Change your Vibrality
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

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Create a Positive Flow
INTO your Vibrality

You need to create a Positive Flow of energy from YOU (yourself) .......into your Vibrality.  This Positive Flow of Energy is created by Positive Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Reactions. 

You also need to control  Negative energy into your Vibrality. 

There are many other aspects, that we will teach you about

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Create POSITIVE......
Eliminate NEGATIVE

This is Step Number 1, and if you grasp this concept, you are half way there. You need to become aware of the different energies you are creating, that go into your Vibrality. 

Unfortunately most of the time, we are completely unaware of this, and continuously a put Negative Flow into our Vibrality. 

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Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Reactions & Inactions


Vibro's and what we have grouped the following:
Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Reactions and Inactions. 

The output "energy" created by Vibro's, both positive and negative, flow into, and become part of your Vibrality



Thoughts create energy (both Positive and Negative) that go into, and become part of your Vibrality.
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

What do you think about during the day? Do you monitor your thoughts, and the kind of things you dwell on? You need to become aware of what you are thinking about, and if it is Negative, you need to train yourself to start thinking positively. You need to realize that Negative thoughts create negative energy into your Vibrality, and you don't want this negative energy when you are creating a new positive life for yourself.


Feelings create energy (both Positive and Negative) that go into, and become part of your Vibrality.
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

Even though it is believed that feelings are triggered by thoughts, and one should change their thoughts to change their feelings, we all know how strong and deep emotions can be. It is not so easy just to change your way of thinking to just change your feelings and emotions. 
Again, as with Thoughts, you need to become aware of your feelings, and the type of feelings you have on a daily basis. The energy (both positive and negative) generated by these feelings, go straight into your Vibrality. So, if these emotions and feelings are constantly negative, you need to find a way to combat this, and change your feelings into more positive ones.

We at Vibrality, will help you become aware of your feelings, and help you change them for the better.



Actions create energy (both Positive and Negative) that go into, and become part of your Vibrality.
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

The energy created by a Action cannot be overemphasized, and no matter what the action is, energy is created, that goes into your Vibrality! 

We are not able to see  or understand this energy, but it is believed from ancient teachings that every single action creates a "spark" of energy. Some sparks are small and some extremely powerful. The interesting thing is, an action that seems totally insignificant can cause a powerful amount of energy into your Vibrality, and an action that would seem large and important, can cause a small burst of energy into your Vibrality. 

So we take it that every single action is important, and if your mind is telling you to do a positive action, you should take action and do it. 




Reactions create energy (both Positive and Negative) that go into, and become part of your Vibrality.
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

Reactions and the way you react to things that happen around you and to you on a daily basis ALL create energy, that again goes straight into your Vibrality! 

We are not saying that you are not allowed to react negatively to something, BUT one should look at oneself and see how you are reacting. Are you calm and contained when something negative happens, or are you flustered? When something positive happens, do you just brush it off, or do you get excited? 

You need to look at yourself, and see how you react to different things. We will be showing you and teaching you how best to react and change your reaction to ensure that you create a positive flow into your Vibrality from Reactions. 



Inactions or Non-Actions create energy (both Positive and Negative) that go into, and become part of your Vibrality.
Your Vibrality = Your Reality

Inactions, Non-Action or Procrastination for want of a better word, cause Negative energy to flow into your Vibrality!  One may think that no energy is created when you do nothing, but when you procrastinate and do nothing, particularly when there is something to be done, negative energy begins to flow into and becomes part of your Vibrality. 




Anger is a huge "No No" when it comes to Vibrality. One needs to learn how to master control and not be angry. 

Yes, it is good to let off steam, and be angry once in a while, but do not make Anger part of your Mantra. 



Hate is the opposite of love because it is just that - the complete opposite! And all the good that love does, hate does the opposite! 

It is a horrible thing to hate. Rather learn to accept and find a way to not let it effect you....but do not HATE. 
You would "hate" to know how much negative energy you are creating for YOURSELF and your Vibrality by hating.  

Practice Happiness

How to be Happy, when things are so negative around you! When the whole world is negative! Well, that's the challenge, and that's what we need to do. We need to find things and do things that make us HAPPY.  The positive energy that is created by Happiness is so incredibly powerful and flows directly to your Vibrality. 



Love other people, and more importantly, love yourself. 
The act and feeling of love is probably one of the single most powerful feelings and energies in the Universe!
You need to try see the good in everyone, and love people for who and what they are. No one is perfect, and every single person has their faults and issues. If you can try create the feeling and associated energy of love, you will become a master at the Practice of Vibrality, and the ability to change your and other peoples Vibrality.  


Practice Gratitude

The basic principle of practicing Gratitude is, becoming aware of the positive and good in your life every day. 

It is not easy to see the good in everything, but why not start looking at the basics, and try and experience the feeing of being grateful. As you practice it, you will see more and more things to be grateful for. 

Whether you a religious person or not, this "gratitude energy" will be acknowledged by TheONE or a higher energy in the Universe.

It certainly can't do you ant harm :)  

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Vibralitize Yourself

with your WANTS and GOALS

See and
wants &

Focus on your WANTS

Besides all the Positive Energy that you are creating from your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions - You need to energize your Vibrality with your Focus on your Wants, Desires and what you want your future life to be like.   

You have to give this daily thought, and make time for yourself to focus on these things. 

You need to create this energy!
You need to "tell your Vibrality" what you want, so that it can Vibrate it into existence. 

This aspect of the program is absolutely imperative and needs to be followed. But it needs to be followed together with all other aspects of the Vibrality program to achieve success. 

You cannot focus on your wants and desires with a negative attitude and negative thoughts and energy. That is why many other programs do not work. 


Visualization & Focus

The Output Energy from daily visualization and meditation which turns into Input Energy INTO your Vibrality is extremely extremely POWERFUL. 

You need to learn how to Visualize, and dedicate time for yourself daily to Visualize, Contemplate and Focus on your Wants.

By doing this, and by creating this powerful energy into your Vibrality - YOUR VIBRALITY will take on this energy and Vibrate it.  And this is when the magic happens - Your wants, needs, desires will manifest and become part of your Reality.

Create Positive Energy
Eliminate Negative Energy
Focus on your Wants and Desires
But again.....

In order for the above Focus, Visualization and Contemplation to take effect, and truly become part of your Vibrality - You have to try and eliminate all negative energy flow into yourself! 

No more negative thoughts. Try Feel Positive about things. Look at the glass as being half full, then half empty. 

And Practice Vibrality! 

We will post daily on Social Media, different ways to eliminate Negative energy and Boost Positive energy.  

You have ONE Goal.....

To Build and Change
your Vibrality for the better,
and Vibralitize it with your
Focus, Wants and Desires
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

This is just the beginning....

Lots more information to come

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"Practice of Vibrality" 
and making you aware of your Vibrality and how it effects your Reality. 

As you understand it more, and bring these basic principles into your life, you should see that your Reality will change for the better too.


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